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The WHOI HAB Hub is an open source data portal for region-scale integration and real time sharing of:

  • Phytoplankton monitoring data (routine & event response)
  • Historic shellfish toxicity observations and closure notices
  • IFCB/ESP sensor observations
  • Shellfish toxicity predictions from sensor data
  • Visualizations of NOAA forecast model products

Interactive visualizations and capabilities will include:

  • Data and forecast model products in maps and time series plots.
  • Interpret/translate raw sensor outputs but still integrating links to instrument-specific data dashboards
  • Dynamic pop-up content, show/hide functionality, slider to constrain timeframe etc.

Although the WHOI HAB Hub is currently under development, prototype layers populated with partial datasets are available for viewing, including: 

  • Shellfish Toxicity Data by Station: collected by shellfish monitoring programs operated by ME, MA, and NH.
  • Shellfish Closures: shellfish closures enacted by state shellfish monitoring programs in MA and NH in response to HAB toxins
  • Sensor data collected by Imaging FlowCytobots deployed in Harpswell Sound (ME), Nauset Estuary (Cape Cod, MA).

Efforts over the upcoming year will focus on refining the user interface, populating existing data layers and adding new prototype layers, developing approaches for standardizing datasets and automated data ingestion.

WHOI HAB Hub data portal prototype data layers include toxin monitoring data, shellfish closures, and imaging flowcytobot sensor data from deployments in 2020.