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2012 Bloom Season

In early 2012, we issued a seasonal forecast for a moderate regional Alexandrium bloom in the Gulf of Maine.  This forecast was borne out, as can be seen by the 2012 closure map.   

Toxicity appeared first within and near Casco Bay, then extended to near Penobscot Bay as well as south of Casco Bay.  Toxicity was fairly early in eastern Maine (closures in May and June). The coast of New Hampshire was closed in mid-May. Closures on the south shore of Massachusetts occurred in late May.  The area between Gloucester, Mass. and the New Hampshire border was not closed - a bit unusual since there was toxicity to the north and the south of that area.

Mussel harvesting closure areas along the New England coast during 2012. Compiled from information provided by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, and the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

2012 Status Reports