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Open source data portal for real-time sharing and visualization of bloom observations, sensor data, and model products

Shellfish Monitoring

Information about HAB monitoring programs in New England, including links to shellfish harvest closures.

Sensors and Autonomous Monitoring

HAB surveillance in New England waters utilizes a network of mobile advanced autonomous sensors and platforms.

HAB Species in New England

New England waters are impacted by multiple HAB species, including those that are well-established and others that are new in the region.


HABON-NE (HAB Observing Network - New England) is a network of advanced HAB sensors and deployment platforms providing continuous, real-time HAB surveillance in New England waters.

Resources for Educators

Harmful algal blooms can be used to illustrate important concepts in biology, ecology, marine science, data analysis, and more. Explore ways to incorporate HABs into educational curriculum.

HAB Species

Information about HAB species and syndromes


Learn about the history of HABs in New England waters

Bloom Forecasting

Annual forecasts simulating germination, growth, and transport of Alexandrium catenella cells


HABON-NE utilizes a fleet of advanced sensors and deployment platforms for continuous and adaptive HAB monitoring


Data portal for real-time sharing and visualization of sensor data, observations, and model products

About Northeast HAB

The management of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in New England has grown more challenging due to the emergence of New HAB species that can cause seafood poisoning and disrupt ecosystems.  The Northeast HAB website was created as a regional resource that provides background information as well as access to bloom monitoring data and commentary, forecasting model products, and data collected by HAB sensors deployed throughout the region. 

2022 Bloom Season – State information and resources

July 19, 2022

The 2022 bloom season is underway! Click here for information about State HAB monitoring programs in New England, including monitoring and closure notices.

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Alexandrium catenella nowcast/forecast for the Gulf of Maine

July 19, 2022

NOAA NCCOS is pleased to announce the release of our FY2022 season Alexandrium catenella nowcast/forecast for the Gulf of Maine. Note that the model is underestimating the bloom in the coastal western Gulf of Maine, as suggested by both MWRA and New Hampshire water samples. Model sensitivity experiments are carried out to provide more useful…

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11th U.S. Symposium on Harmful Algae

July 19, 2022

Registration is now open for the 11th U.S. Symposium on Harmful Algae will be held on October 23-28, 2022, in Albany, New York, at the Hilton Albany. Visit the conference website for details regarding our logo contest and the most current event information. For general questions about attending, sponsoring, or exhibiting at the 11th U.S.…

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Gulf of Maine HAB Science Symposium in 2023

January 20, 2021

The next Gulf of Maine HAB Science Symposium will be held virtually in early 2023.  This meeting brings together researchers, managers, and stakeholders to share research findings, information and data, and monitoring plans about HABs in New England waters. Additional information about this meeting will be posted as it becomes available.

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HABs in New England

December 16, 2019

Please visit our HAB species pages for more information about the different types of HABs impacting New England.

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