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Creating time series plots of toxin monitoring data

One useful feature of the HABHub is that it can produce downloadable graphs featuring specific data as configured by the user.   To explore this capability, visit the HABhub, and select either the "Cell Concentration" or "Shellfish Toxicity" data layers from the right-hand menu, and configure the date range using the "Date Controls" on the bottom right.  Next, click on any data point to produce a graph of the historic data at that site. For example, in this graph (right) depicts three years of shellfish meat toxicity levels at Eastham Salt Pond (Cape Cod, MA). The red dotted line marks the state closure threshold, and hovering over the blue line allows to view individual data values.

To get a closer look at one section of the graph viewed in HABhub, click and drag your mouse in the plot area, and the graph will zoom in on the selected area.

To download the graph you created, click on the three bars at the upper right hand of the graph. The menu that pops up provides a range of options to download the graph, including as an image (PNG, JPEG, PDF).  You can also download the data directly as a  .csv file.